Friday Night Meetings

At Emmorton Baptist Church every Friday night from 7 PM to 9 PM. The program is open to all adults who struggle with an addiction or a “stubborn habit”.

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Right In Bel Air

With Director, Bob Hamm. Reach him at or his cell…


Personal & Material Support

You won’t be alone, or without resources. RU success rate is very high for those who attend and apply the principles.

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Reformers Unanimous


Addiction effects 1 in 4 people with no regard to age, gender, or class. The results have taken a toll on our community, the economy, crime, health, income, and education. More importantly is the toll addiction takes on individual lives and their friends and family.

Reformers Unanimous is the largest faith-based addiction program in the United States, and is blessed with an over 84% recovery rate for those who complete the program.

Reformers Unanimous founder Steve Currington, after a ten-year addiction to drugs and alcohol, was able to put aside his addictions through his faith in Jesus Christ, the support of his church, and the understanding of God’s principals of life from the Bible. Currington founded Reformers Unanimous in April of 1996 to share the Truth and principals that helped him overcome his addictions. The success rate is very high for the student who applies the curriculum and the principals taught and who is faithful to the meetings.



Next Steps…

Call the Director of the Bel Air Chapter, Bob Hamm at 443-504-4919, or write us at, or visit us on Friday evening from 7 to 9 PM at Emmorton Baptist Church, 106 Plumtree Road, Bel Air, Maryland.